Committed to building a better future for our community by offering educational and community-oriented services.

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Early Childhood and Youth Education

We offer classes for young children and youth to learn about their culture, religion, and heritage. This also provides an environment in which children can develop and strengthen bonds with their peers. The cultural and religious awareness advocated for in our program is the key to instilling a sense of identity that has kept our culture alive for over a thousand years.

Women’s Afocha

The Harari Community Center Women’s Afocha is an important arm of the Community Center. The group is led by women who organize and finance special occasions for their members, including weddings and holidays events. The Afocha also supports community members and their families when in sickness and in need financial need.



Senior Assistance Program

We provide our elderly with financial assistance and transportation. In addition, we also assist in financing 100% of burial services costs for members in need. We are forever grateful to our dedicated members who regularly participate in giving and special fund drives towards our Seniors initiatives.