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The Harari Community Center welcomes you show off your skills in the ultimate sports showdown! All genders are welcome to participate in any sports category, though all genders will participate in the same leagues.

Forming teams

You may register teams for the following three sports: Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball. The size of your team is dependent on which sport and league you wish to register for:

League (age bracket) Min # team players
Basketball 10-16 yrs. old 3
17 and up 5
Soccer 8-12 yrs. old 7
13-16 yrs. old 9
17 and up 11
Volleyball 10-13 yrs. old 4
14 and up 6
*Anyone is allowed to play above their age bracket (e.g. a 10-year-old is allowed to play in the 13-16-year-old soccer league); however, no one is permitted to play below their age bracket (e.g. a 17-year-old will not be allowed to play in the 10 to 16-year-old basketball league).

Dates & Times

Soccer - Tuesday, July 2nd, 6-10pm (Kickoff at 7pm)
Basketball & Volleyball - Friday, July 5th, 4-10pm (Kickoff at 5pm)


For soccer, metal cleats are NOT allowed. Shin-guards are optional.

Referees will check for dangerous equipment, referee's opinion is final. Players will not be allowed to enter play until correction has been made.

Teams must provide their own jerseys that, at a minimum, share the same color. Numbered jerseys are preferred, but not required (we will provide numbers). To free agents: we will follow up with team captains to learn the jersey color and let you know what color to wear.


  • A person can choose to participate in multiple sports or leagues at their own discretion (be mindful of conflicts due to concurrent matches). See registration fee rates if signing up for multiple sports.

  • A person may play in multiple age brackets within the same sport only if they fall under the age range of the adult bracket.

  • A team will be automatically disqualified if does not meet the minimum number of players required (we will try to fill in with free agents, but this rule still stands).

  • Volleyball and basketball may have a MAXIMUM of 8 players registered per team, and must use the minimum number of players while game is in play (listed in the above chart).

Deadlines & Fees

Registration Fees

Good news! Online registration is now FREE OF CHARGE. Payment will be due the day of your tournament!!! We will accept cash or card.

  • One sport: $20 per person

  • 2+ sports: $30 per person

Registration Deadline

The deadline to register online has been EXTENDED to FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2019.

Day-of registration is possible, but you are not guaranteed to have a spot in the tournament and will have to pay separate registration fees for each sport you signed up. In addition, the registration fee will be increased.

how to register


The Captain or Coach must register his or her team (this person also serves as team’s main point of contact). Don’t worry about having a full roster before registering, as new members can be added later or you can get paired with a free agent.

  1. Click ‘ADD TEAM.’

  2. Complete the form and submit.

  3. If you would like to register another team, repeat steps 1 and 2.


Once a team has been registered, additional team members can be added if they were not originally included on the team roster during team registration .

  1. Click ‘JOIN TEAM.

  2. Complete form and submit. (Know the league and team captain’s name of the team you wish to join)

  3. If you would like to register another person to an existing team, repeat steps 1 and 2.



If you are interested in playing in any of the tournaments, but do not have a team. We will accommodate you by pairing you with a team with availability.

  1. Click ‘SIGN UP’ under free agent.

  2. Complete the form and submit.

  3. We will notify you as soon as we become aware of any availabilities.

All registrations (team and player) must be complete before the deadline in order to qualify. If after registering you wish to disband your team, switch teams, or rescind your registration, please contact us directly at contact [at] hararicommunitydallas [dot] org.